WE DON’T BELIEVE IN ASSEMBLY LINES. EVER. Two things we’re proud of at Ellis-Harper are our amazing people and our approach to what we do. Every individual brings a unique set of skills to the table. From media and marketing strategy to social and creative, we’ve developed a hands-on approach that has become the hallmark for EHA work. Over the years, we’ve evolved into crew of original-thinking individuals, each with his or her areas of expertise, ideas, background and way of approaching things. You might say our clients benefit from a well-oiled marketing machine — one whose primary goal is to not only build things, but build them to last.


DEE DEE HARPER Owner, President

Dee Dee has daily duties as unpredictable as the behavior of two-year olds. From budgeting to concepts to strategic planning, client interface and agency management, the days never get boring. Rule #1: No work leaves the Agency that she hasn’t blessed. Rule #2: Never give her the only copy of ANY document. Dee Dee’s quirky sense of humor is legend. She looks at things differently and tries to find humor even when there appears to be none. She is inspired by gothic cathedrals, and her personal goal is to fit into the earrings she wore in high school. With a background in banking, Dee Dee’s proudest accomplishment (besides her daughter) is her term at the Atlanta Federal Reserve District Advisory Committee. She was also selected to represent the district at the Federal Reserve in Washington led by Chairman Alan Greenspan prior to the Open Market Committee.

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EVELYN NEWTON Media Services

As an accredited Media Planner and Buyer with 12 years of experience, Evelyn manages local media buys and national campaigns, coast-to-coast, with spot markets in between, naturally. But she doesn’t stop there. She manages HR functions, including payroll. And traffic—maintaining the weekly production schedule and project flow. Evelyn is the Queen of General Knowledge at EHA. Got a question? Don’t Google it. Ask Ev. Though English literature was her first love, she has also taught high school, taught corporate training, financial management, customer service and PR coordination, and did a business start-up in her spare time. Evelyn spends her off time on The Farm, working as her own farmhand and hacking trails through briars with a machete. Monday mornings, the team gathers ‘round for an injury/boo-boo update from the weekend’s projects. Writing that great American novel may have to wait for retirement, but she says it shall be done. For now, her unrivaled spreadsheets will have to do.

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JOYCE BOGGS Director of Administrative Services

With over 23 year of experience with Ellis-Harper, Joyce manages Billing and Accounting as two of her primary responsibilities. She ensures billing goes out, invoices are paid on a timely basis and manages tax and other monthly financials with EHA’s accounting firm to ensure that all financial aspects are in good order. She manages fixed assets and inventories, runs the central desk, troubleshoots equipment idiosyncrasies and handles many other functions that make the office run smoothly. When a computer isn’t working, all Joyce has to do is go stand by it. Voila. It works. Joyce is inspired by bits of history and is on a quest to visit every covered bridge in Alabama, already conquering six out of the 11 that still exist. She loves to use her embroidery machine and divides her spare time between that and her 5 grandchildren.

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JIM BUFORD Director of Management Division

Jim develops pay systems for clients in both the public and private sectors, while also doubling as an amazing writer and author. He’s a very versatile person, filling many roles but never settling for just one. Some of his greatest experiences came from serving in the military, having a fulfilling career at Auburn University, raising two boys and writing a few books that seemed to appeal to an audience somewhat wider than his family and friends.  However, nothing has compared, so far, to being named all-county (second team) in basketball his senior year of high school. Of course that was in the Milltown High class of 22 students. Going back to his roots in rural Alabama, Jim spends his spare time being OCD about his immaculate yard, growing ornamental plants on a half-acre lot and hopes to one day scratch “Go to a Red Sox game in Fenway Park” off his bucket list.

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KRISTIE MARTINS Social Media Specialist

Kristie is the guru of the digital domain at Ellis-Harper. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, You-Name-It, Kristie brainstorms, experiments with and implements social strategies for clients, as well as for Ellis-Harper’s own sites. And let’s not forget those social ad campaigns. One of her most valuable experiences was as assistant to the editor-in-chief of a magazine in her hometown while still in high school. There, Kristie learned interviewing, copy editing, and PR skills. In her spare time, Kristie is a contributing writer for Auburn University’s newspaper. Her passion is pastry. She continually seeks out new recipes to try. The Ellis-Harper crew offers themselves willingly as her taste-tester guinea pigs. She considers herself a tea and coffee aficionado, and has a slight obsession with honeybees and pumpkin-flavored food.

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