Quick stats to help you plan your next marketing strategy

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THESE DAYS, developing a new marketing strategy is a lot like surviving in the wild. Knowing the terrain, understanding the environment and being aware of hungry competition are just a few ways we keep from being at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Understanding the terrain should always be the first priority of any new expedition. Striking out bravely towards the great unknown has always been a romantic idea, and one well-suited to the movie industry, but not a very smart way to go about starting or growing a business. To even survive the journey you have to know what you’ll be facing. Our advice: explore everything you can about this new environment. Educate yourself about your new industry. Knowing the lay of the land and how it changes over time is important if you want to prevent missteps. Learn about potential competitors — there will always be opportunistic predators who try to take a bite out of your market and profits. And most of all, have a realistic understanding of your own capabilities.

From research to strategic planning to branding and media, this infographic will help you better prepare your next marketing strategy. Download this infographic to get the stats. And don’t forget to check out our complete Marketing Survival Guide.

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Marketing Strategy Infographic

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