Social Media!!! Is that all anybody can talk about?

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Social Media!!! Is that all anybody can talk about? Uh, yes. ‘Fraid so. But it doesn’t have to be gibberish or obscure. Sprucing up your brand doesn’t have to be a mystery. There are some hidden tools those sneaky social sites now offer. Below, we’ve shared some insider tips anybody can do. Plug and play. Get smart; be sociable with us. Read on!



  1. Milking a Milestone

Received an award, launched a new product or reached 10,000 followers? Celebrate and share major events in company history through Facebook’s milestones so everyone can celebrate with you. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, just important to you and your business.

How: Go to your business page and click on the “Offer, Event” button to the right of the “Status” button in the status update box. Select “Milestone” and fill out the information.

  1. Saving links for later

Ever see a post on Facebook and, after viewing the content, thinking of a perfect time to post that later in the week?

You can save the link of that post for later, when you actually need it.

How: Click on the dropdown arrow at the top right of the Facebook post and click “Save.” When you go to your News Feed, on the left-hand column, below “Favorites,” you can find all saved links under “Saved.” There you can see all saved posts, categorized by type and ready for sharing!

  1. Automatic replies and greetings

Be transparent to your followers, and make interactions with your brand as easy as possible. This includes being responsive to your followers. Be responsive…even when you aren’t there. Facebook’s “Replies and Greeting” settings help keep your users informed and welcome any time of day, during any point in the conversation.

How: To set an automatic reply, go to your page’s home page and click “Settings” in the top right corner. In the left-hand menu, select “Messaging.”

To set an automatic reply to messages people send outside of your business hours, enable Away Messages under “Outside Business Hours” and type up your custom response. However, you must add or update your business hours on the page to enable this feature.

To set a greeting, turn on Messenger Greeting under “Messenger Greeting” and create a custom message for users who open a conversation in Messenger. That way they’ll know how to interact with your business page.


Note: It is always good practice to follow-up soon with someone who has received an automatic reply for personal engagement.



  1. Tagging people in photos

You only have 140 characters and a photo can eat up quite a bit of room. But to initiate engagement, you do want to share the photo and tag everyone in it if possible – just without taking up the rest of your characters. You’re in luck! Twitter has a feature than can help you out.

How: Upload a photo into a tweet. At the bottom of the photo click “Who’s in this photo?” and type in the username of the account(s). No characters taken!

  1. Setting notifications for accounts

Know when influencers and competitors are updating. Stay up to date on the latest industry news. Setting notifications for key accounts can help you learn more about your audience and what’s buzzing on Twitter. Keep in mind it’s a mobile function, so download the Twitter app on your mobile device to use this feature.

How: Go to the influencer’s account page. To the left of the “Follow” button, click the gear-shaped icon and select “Turn on mobile notifications.”



  1. Toggling between accounts

In February, Instagram gave users a feature they’d been begging for. Before, users had to manually log in and out of individual accounts rather than having the option to toggle between two accounts without having to type in the username and password each time.

Now Instagram has simplified the process to manage several accounts. Much like Twitter, users only have to manually sign into an account once to add it to their library of accounts.

How: Go to your Instagram profile. At the top right of the page, click the gear-shaped button and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click “Add Account” and type in your credentials. To toggle between accounts, return to the profile page and click the username at the top of the page to select the desired account.

  1. Manage filters

Color influences a user’s response to a photo or graphic and so do other editing features such as contrast, brightness and fade. And when it comes to Instagram, filters count too.

Some filters perform better than others on your photos, so make them a priority. Move them to the front of your filter roll. And when some just don’t seem to fit, hide them from your range of Instagram filters.

How: Select a photo. Once you get to the filters page, scroll to the end of the filters and click “Manage.” Check and uncheck filters to narrow the scope. Drag the left end of the filter name to rearrange them in order of importance. You can even add ones you aren’t seeing in your pool of filters now. When it’s all sorted the way you like it, click “Done.”

So, wasn’t that easy? Share your amazement with us here. OR, ask us to walk you through! Hope you feel more sociable!


The EHA crew.

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