Why do you love the brands you love? Color traits.

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Ever wonder why you feel hungry all of a sudden when you see a McDonald’s sign? Or when you feel healthier shopping at Publix? Why do some brands seem friendlier, more trustworthy or prestigious than others? It all has to do with the psychology behind color. Here is a list of colors with their associated traits. What colors are you drawn to? What does this say about your personality? Your brand? Your company culture? The colors you choose make a lasting impression on your audience, so take your time choosing before you decide to re-brand, design a new logo or even an ad.


RED: excitement, boldness, danger, passion

PURPLE: creative, wise, imaginative, quality

ORANGE: optimism, vitality, happiness, warmth

YELLOW: friendliness, energy, humor

BLUE: safety, clarity, dependability, trust

GREEN: freshness, growth, nurturing, health

PINK: tranquility, love, sweetness, femininity

GREY: neutrality, practicality, hibernation, balance

BLACK: exclusivity, prestige, power, mystery


Interested in the graphic? Download it HERE.

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